The Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm is an organisational unit operating within the organisational scope of the University of Debrecen. It is a unit with administrative authority, according to the Regulations of Administration 6th §, paragraph 4, section ba). It carries out its task in a system of authority and responsibility, which is in conformity with the organizational and operational rules, the Regulations of Administration the order of employment rights and the provisions of the Chancellor’s Office.

The administrative, organizational and coordination tasks related to the activities of IAREF are provided by the Secretariat of the General Director in close cooperation with the Management Directorate of IAREF, the Legal Directorate, the HR Directorate and the Service Directorate. The Secretariat is an organizational unit under the direct supervision of the Scientific Director General.

The Secretariat assists the General Director in the execution of day-to-day tasks. In the course of its administrative duties, it participates in the preparation of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the implementation and documentation of its decisions. During its activities, he organizes discussions and arranges their preparation. It carries out secretarial, managerial and other administrative tasks related to the work of the Scientific General Director, and is responsible for the development and management of the filing system of IAREF. It cooperates with the organizational units of IAREF as well as the Rector's Office, the Rector-Chancellor Cabinet and the Chancellor’s Office. Its mission is to provide information towards the directors, managers, researchers and employees of the Institutes of IAREF.

Updated: 2018.12.03.

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