Long-term Field Trial Programme

1. The research activity of the programme involves the preservation and melioration of the hard, physically and chemically defected soils of the Central-Tisza area as well as the examination of problems related to the nutrition management and other agro-technical issues of plant production carried out on them, as well as the development of economic tillage systems which adapt to the requirements of dryland farming.

Fundamental research tasks: The projects “Analysis of the cultivation, product quality and environmental effects of nutrient management on the major soil types of the Central-Tisza area”, „ Determination of the main parameters of water and material transport processes in different soil types under lysimeter circumstances” and „Research activities establishing a foundation for the plough-land, grassland and other utilisation of meadow Solonetz soils and their application possibilities” and soil physical analyses are the most important activities.

In addition to the above, research on bioenergetics and agricultural utilization of contaminated areas are also important fields. Besides research activities, habilitated researchers of the programme have significant roles in the educational tasks of BSc and MSc trainings of the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Debrecen as well as in the Kerpely Kálmán Doctoral School as trainers, consultants and opponents.
Emphasis on education is implied by the fact that two of the researchers of the programme are senior researchers and one is a habilitated doctor.

2. Other research tasks and supplementary activities, which belong to the scope of responsibility activity of the participating researchers and assistants

  • Operation of the meteorological station
  • Technical translations, interpretation
  • Coordination of the external contacts and educational activities of the Institute.


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