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Currently valid patents

FORAGE-COMPOST (TERRASOL-compost) sheep manure-based compost production technology (Monori I., Csízi I., Blaskó L., Zsigrai G., Bíró B., Gyárfási I.),

  • ALEX, winter wheat variety,
  • KG Magor, winter wheat variety,
  • KG Kunhalom, winter wheat variety,
  • KG Puszta, winter barley variety,
  • Kunsági-2, winter wheat variety.


  • "Procedure for the application of slurry and urban sewage water by means of sub-soil irrigation." (Kapocsi I.)
  • "Procedure for the meliorative magnesium supply of acidic and magnesium-deficient soils together with liming." (Nyiri L., Blaskó L., Balogh I., Kazó B.)
  • "Product suitable for the treatment of sheep manure and a procedure for the production of a sheep manure and natural mineral-based bio-concentrate." (Csontos I., Karuczka A., Kazó B., Kocsis I., Magyar J.)
  • "Livestock building, primarily a sheep pen." (Csontos I., Fábián M.)
  • "Summer shelter for grazing animals." (Csontos I.)
  • "Device for the self-feeding of animals." (Csontos I., Turai I.)
  • "Procedure and arrangements for the industrial grazing of sheep." (Csontos I.)
  • "Procedure for the environmental disposal of communal waste combined with the planting of trees." (Kapocsi I., Csontos I., Józsa Á.)
  • "Kondor winter wheat variety." (Fazekas M., Farkas B.)


  • "Gradual bio-manure production from semi-liquid organic manure, by-products and other manure." (Csontos I., Kapocsi I., Karuczka A.)
  • "Resource- and energy-saving sweet sorghum production and complex utilization technology based on the field application of slurry and sewage water." (Kapocsi I., Csontos I., Lazányi J.)
  • "Complex technology for the regulation and utilization of ground water in hard soils." (Kapocsi I., Andrási I.)
  • "New soil improvement procedure by means of self-powdering dolomites, which can be integrated in to the unified nutrient management system." (Balogh I., Blaskó L., Nyiri L.)
  • "Procedure for the Ca-, Mg- and K-fertilization of vegetables on acidic forest and sandy soils, in conformity with the special requirements of each species." (Balogh I., Blaskó L.)
  • "Procedure for the application of a five-component, trace element supplemented soil improving artificial fertilizer and its agricultural application technology." (Balogh I., Blaskó L., Nyiri L.)
  • "Procedure for the production and agricultural application of a N, P, Mg and N, P, K, Ca, Mg-containing soil improving artificial fertilizer mix." (Balogh I., Blaskó L., Nyiri L.)
  • "Procedure for the agricultural utilization of raw dolomite originating from the sandstone mine of Mány." (Balogh I.)
  • "Technical solution and technology of the sampling of high volume, original structure soil monoliths and the establishment of compensation lysimeter sites." (Karuczka A., Nyiri L.)
  • "Complex technological procedure for the improvement of the safety of Sudan grass seed production." (Lazányi J.)
  • "Procedure for the environment friendly storage of scrap and waste raw skin." (Csontos I., Kapocsi I., Józsa Á.)
  • "Procedure for the production of additives required for bio-fertilizer production." (Csontos I., Kapocsi I., Karuczka A.)
  • "Gradual bio-fertilizer production from slaughter-house by-products." (Kapocsi I., Csontos I., Bene S.)
  • "Cultivation and utilization of slurry irrigated amaranthus, chenopodium and rumex." (Kapocsi I., Bene S.)
  • "Complex technology for the production of alcohol suitable for fuel supply from slurry irrigated sweet sorghum." (Kapocsi I., Lazányi J., Zombori J., Babóczky Ené., Kovács B.)
  • "Complex technology of grazing-based goose-meat production." (Kapocsi I., Bene S.)
  • "Procedure for the utilization of flat, poorly productive areas by means of the plantation of forest belts and forests." (Kapocsi I.)


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