We sincerely welcome you to the webpage of the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm of the University of Debrecen. The Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm are a unit of the University of Debrecen specialized for the agricultural research and education. Its activities are regulated by the organizational and operational rules of the University of Debrecen and according to the specifications of the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm. Its aim is the development of the food industry of the three counties belonging to the North Great Plain Region by using university resources in cooperation with the economic, governmental, local governmental and non-profit participants of the society.

The General Director’s Office coordinates the professional agricultural tasks of the organizational units.

The Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm

  • participates in completing agrarian R&D and innovation works, moreover in the tasks of education at the University of Debrecen
  • contributes to and participate in:
    • the development of Hungarian agricultural and food products
    • the research and development of the local, regional and national natural, economic and environmental conditions 
    • the research of biological solutions
    • the development and maintenance of biological resources
    • ensuring the professional principles for regional and rural development.

The organizational units of the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm are successors of the former Centre for Agricultural Sciences. It includes the Research Institute of Karcag, the Research Institute of Nyíregyháza and the Debrecen Training Farm and Landscape Research Institute.

Research Institute of Karcag

  • The aim of plant breeding researches includes the production and dissemination of marketable plant varieties and hybrids even under the unfavorable ecological conditions of Nagykunság region.
  • Its prioritized task is the development of the soil usage related to the land especially the investigation of the factors related to soil protection, the maintenance and increase of soil fertility and water management.
  • In the field of pasture management the aim of the Research Institute is managing pasture utilization in accordance with environmental protection conditions and the related sheep breeding.
  • Participates in the training researchers and in the tasks of practical training at gradual and post-gradual levels.

Research Institute of Nyíregyháza

  • develops the biological basis of horticultural and field crops adapted to biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and to the agroecological conditions of the Nyírség region
  • performs the breeding, production technology development and adaptation of protein and alternative crops; its variety selection t is unique in Hungary
  • performs the research of complex utilization of sandy soils based on the 88-years-old Westsik-crop rotation experiment and the study the adaptation possibilities of soil resource management alternatives
  • modern breeding tasks are supported by the biotechnological and molecular researches of the institute
  • organic farming and soil biological researches in organic area
  • training researchers for the university, teaching specialized subjects and practical training also belong to the tasks of the institute.

Debrecen Training Farm and Landscape Research Institute

  • In its 30-year-long long-term experiment:
  • the effect of nutrient and water supply on theqauntity and quality of qield in corn and winter wheat,
  • the effect of different soil management systems on the soil and corn yield, and
  • the properties of certain corn and winter wheat genotypes under different nutrient and water supply conditions are studied.
  • genetic conservation of the native Hungarian Hen, the Transylvanian Naked Neck, Hungarian Common Turkey, Csóka Tsigai Sheep
  • in its pomological demonstration garden the diversity and genetic values of native wild-grown fruit varieties are produced.
  • The Institute is the primary location of the practical, applied training.

On our website you can become aware of the activities of our organizational units, read about our programs and learn about the latest events. We hope that while browsing the website, you will find the latest information you need. Should you have question or remarks please contact our colleagues who are pleased to help you. 


Prof. Dr. Judit Dobránszki
Scientific Advisor
Scientific General Director

Updated: 2019.02.27.

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