The technical advisory activities of the Research Institute of Karcag of UD IAREF cover every field of science in which the Institute is involved. Its staff members are on the registered expert lists in the fields of soil improvement, soil protection, nutrient management and game management. Our accredited Central Laboratory conducts professional service/consultancy activities on the field of soil, plant and water analyses. The accredited laboratory test results are the basis for compiling the nutrient management plans for farmers.

In addition to the dissemination of scientific publications, results of research activities are presented in the scope of regularly organized professional events and demonstration. The complex utilization of intellectual capital, which is concentrated in the Research Institute, is realized – among others – through the development of regional and micro-regional rural development studies, analyses and sub-programmes.

The more than 1,000 hectares of the Research Institute well represent the agro-ecological conditions of the Middle Tisza Region, which, together with the existing system of units, provides a perfect opportunity for the practical training of BSc students, and the establishments of showrooms, and advisory bases. With this, the Institute plays an important innovative role in the sustainable development of agriculture in the region, in secondary and higher education and in rural development.

Contact: kki@agr.unideb.hu

Last update: 2023. 02. 28. 15:19