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Research activities of the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm involve the entire agricultural sector: Research is carried out on the field of animal husbandry, crop production, horticulture, environmental management, nature conservation, wildlife management, food science, quality assurance, economic sciences and natural sciences.

Farm and Regional Research Institutes of Debrecen

The organisational structure of the Institute has been formed to effectively flexibly adapt to the changes occurred within the social-economic environment of research.

The work the Livestock Unit and Equine Educational Unit of Kismacs is coordinated by the Department of Animal Husbandry. The work of the Department of Crop Production is carried out at various locations: at Látókép, the Crop Production Educational Unit, Experimental Site and Eco-Farm and at Kismacs, the Seed Production and Breeding Unit. The Crop Production and Crop Protection Demonstration Gardens are located at the premises of the University.

Horticultural research is hosted by the Horticultural Unit of Pallag, the Horticultural Demonstration Garden and the Botanical Garden.

Farm and Regional Research Institute of Debrecen carries out research in close cooperation with the university departments. It is the fundamental basis for the practical training of students, and it is the location of annual practices as well.

Research Institute of Nyíregyháza


The Research Institute of Nyíregyháza operates on a total of 623 hectares of land and three sites: in Nyíregyháza, Kisvárda and Nagykálló. Its task is to breed varieties that are safely producible under the unfavourable ecological conditions of the region, to develop their cultivation technology and to research the complex utilisation of sandy soils.

Their research and development activities are supported by their domestic and extensive international relations. The Research Institute is actively involved in the further education of producers and participates in the university training of experts.

Through landscape research, it plays a major role in the foundation of the agricultural features of rural development and its connection into the regional integration system. It serves practical training and technical advisory services at the same time.

Research Institute of Karcag

The Research Institute of Karcag operates on the sites of the Agricultural Units of Karcag, Kisújszállás and Kunhegyes. The Departments of Soil Fertility and Soil Protection, Plant Breeding and Variety Preservation, Sheep-farming and Grass Management, and Landscape Utilisation and Rural Development and the Central Laboratory work with 19 full-time researchers.

The activity of the research institute involves the problem of farming in the ecologically unfavourable production areas of the Great Plain (spatially and temporally extreme precipitation conditions, frequent occurrence of soils with physical and chemical deficiencies, etc.). Its fields of research includes soil- and soil fertility preservation, soil utilization and land use, development of biological background and grassland utilization of sheep-farming.

The qualified researchers of the Institute are involved in the educational activities taking place at the faculty and in the doctoral schools. 

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