Research Institute of Nyíregyháza

Over the past decade, the priorities for basic agricultural and agriculture-related research have undergone significant changes. These changes have also resulted in the modification of research structures and target tasks, to which the Agricultural Research and Educational Farm of the University of Debrecen has adapted well by creating comprehensive research programmes. Using its capabilities and traditions, the Research Institute of Nyíregyháza conducts its basic and applied research along two research projects. In the scope of the preservation and development of genetic background by traditional and biotechnological methods, the breeding and gene conservation of varieties and hybrids take place. In the scope of the soil biology research project, in addition to the analysis of soil conditions in the Nyírség area, analyses of soil life and biological activity of the soil are studied in modern laboratories.


                                  Sandy soil, where the research takes place                                                                           Variety demonstration garden of the research institute 


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