Corporate relations of IAREF


Cooperation agreements and research-development contracts with different agricultural and industrial enterprises has a significant tradition at the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm. Our mutual benefit based relationships with business entities are very extensive. Through these contacts, research and development workshops of the institution are able to successfully sell the knowledge accumulated by university researchers and expand their essential practical knowledge.

Most of the research-development activities of the Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm are carried out with the involvement of companies located within the region. Wide-ranging economic relationship with the companies and enterprises of the region ensures the conditions of practical training.

More and more of major domestic and multinational companies conclude multi-year research contracts with IAREF, as a result of which it becomes possible for the most excellent PhD students to work on their own topics as well. The objective of IAREF is to make research results and produced intellectual creations widely available in practice.

Last update: 2023. 02. 27. 14:05