• Farm and Regional Research Institute of Debrecen
    • Látókép Experimental Station of Plant Production
    • Kismacs Experimental Station of Animal Husbrandry
    • Agrometeorological and Agroecological Monitoring Centre
    • Pallag Experimental Station of Horticulture
    • Debrecen Botanical and Exhibiton Garden
    • Study Farm Office
  • Research Institute of Karcag
    • Basic and Applied Research Unit of Karcag
      • Department of Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance
      • Department of Farming and Water Management
      • Department of Sheep Keeping and Grassland Management
    • Karcag Productional Station
    • Kisújszállás Productional Station
    • Central Laboratory
  • Research Institute of Nyíregyháza
    • Basic and Applied Research Unit of Níregyháza
      • Department of Plant Biotechnology and Plant Breeding
      • Department of Soil Biology and Soil Utilization
    • Westsik Experimental Station
    • Teichmann Experimental Station
    • Nagykálló Experimental Station

Other Organizational Units

  • Director-General Secretariat


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