27 May
A Glance at the University Space Program
Bertalan Farkas has visited the UD recently. The first Hungarian cosmonaut had left the planet Earth behind 41 years ago, on May 26, 1980, taking off from Baikonur, Russia, on board the spaceship Soyuz-36.
14 May
How Many Different Fields Can Qualify as Neuroscience?
Depression, robotic psychology and the vision of cats were discussed, among other things, at a conference on neuroscientific contexts initiated by the University of Debrecen in the framework of NeurotechEU.
13 May
Aircraft Specialization Launched
The practical instruction of aircraft specialization, which is to be launched within the basic program in Vehicle Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the UD, is going to be assisted in the future by the cooperation between our institution and AEROPLEX of Central Europe Ltd.
13 May
Kazakh Delegation at the University
On Thursday, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Hungary consulted the leadership of the UD on the issues of educational and research cooperation projects between our university and institutions of higher education in Kazakhstan as well as increasing the number of Kazakh students enrolled at UD.
10 May
Unique public health research
Genetic and environmental risk factors underlying diseases primarily responsible for premature death have been identified by experts in the field of public health at the UD as part of a 5-year project that is now nearing completion.
07 May
Future Nuclear Physicists Have Received Their Well-Earned Prizes
Teams from the University of Debrecen took the first six prizes at the joint Russian-Hungarian online competition hosted by Rosatom Central Europe, Paks Nuclear Power Plant of MVM Group and Paks II. Zrt. The awards ceremony of Hackatom was held on Friday in the Aula venue of the UD.
06 May
Business Services and the University
An agreement of cooperation has been signed by the UD and the organization called Debrecen Business Service Centers Roundtable, which coordinates the companies that provide business services in our city.
03 May
Joint American-Hungarian Course at the Faculty of Humanities
International Speaking Skills Program (ISSD), a joint seminar course designed by the Institute of English and American Studies of the UD and US-based Indiana University to support the development of English language skills and linguistic competence has been successfully implemented recently.
29 Apr
Genuinely Meaningful Infotainment:
Following a pilot phase, the website, launched at the beginning of 2021 by the radio station of the UD, FM90 Campus Rádió, is now available for the public in a “normal operation mode.” A significant portion of the current webpage content is with a focus on the university.
19 Apr
UD Students at Rosatom’s Hackatom
22 teams from UD’s Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science and Technology are going to participate in the online competition announced by the global atomic energy corporation Rosatom. Representatives of the most prestigious Russian technical universities will also contribute to the event.

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